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Re: Endler's Livebearer Info needed/Reply #2

Shireen and other livebearer enthusiasts looking for good books:

I would highly recommend Lothar Wischnath's "Atlas of Livebearers of the 
World" as an excellent reference book, however, it doesn't list Endler's 
livebearer. I believe that this book can be purchased from Amazon Books 
(there is a hotlink from the Native Fish Conservancy website, located at 
http://nativefish.interspeed.net - persons that use this link generate 
income donated to the NFC by Amazon Books for the referral which is used 
for NFC conservation projects to help native fish species).

Also recommended is the vast selection of titles available from The 
Aquatic Book Shop (http://www.seahorses.com/) which lists not only the 
Wischnath book but numerous additional new and used texts, of general 
audience, specialist and academic interest,  on a wide variety of fish 
related subjects that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.  
For instance, John Quinn's "Our Native Fishes" has been out of print for 
quite a while, but new copies are still available from ABS at the 
original retail price of $14.95, plus $2.95 s/h.

ALSO: persons looking for rare livebearer species for sale or trade 
would be well served to join the North American Fish Breeder's Guild 
(homepage is located at: http://members.aol.com/NAFBG/index.html  
Membership is $15 per year).  Recent listings of fish available for sale 
or trade in the monthly newsletter usually include about 20 or 30 
different species of rare or difficult to find livebearers and a wide 
variety of other types of fish, plants, live foods, etc..  Membership is 
a good way to get access to these species and maybe do some trades of 
your excess stock.  NAFBG membership info can be obtained by sending an 
email to:
Deb Sponenberg at: nafbg-mem at rocketmail_com

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>I'm new to the list, and delighted to join the livebearer
>enthusiasts who read this mailing list.
>I recently acquired some Endler's Livebearers (pure breed), 
>and would like to learn more about this exquisite fish. I have 
>already read Ronald Newcomb's and Tony Griffitts's excellent 
>Endler's websites. But there are several questions I'd like 
>to pose to anyone who knows more about this fish:
>1) has the species been officially named yet?
>2) does anyone know its current status in the wild?
>3) I have heard there are many P. reticulata-Endler' hybrids 
>   in circulation. How much does the hybrid appearance deviate 
>   from the "pure-bred" Endler's?
>4) I'm relatively new to livebearers: can anyone recommend a 
>   FAQ or book about livebearers, in particular, one about  
>   breeding and genetics. (I already have a library search going 
>   for "Ecology and evolution of livebearing fish", by 
>   Sneffe et al., recommended to me by Dominic Isla) If anyone 
>   has a full citation, incl. the ISBN, could you please send 
>   it to me?)
>5) is there a network of Endler's enthusiasts who keep in touch
>   via e-mail, and if so, may I join the "club"?
>	Shireen
>Shireen Gonzaga, Freelance Science Writer, Baltimore, MD.
>Telephone: 410-338-4412   E-mail: shireen at clark_net

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