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Re: Back:)

Welcome back, Chad!  Your memory is correct, I am definitely interested 
in the X. pygmaeus, which we discussed trading, along with some mud 
darters and other fish. Perhaps we could make some private arrangements. 
You might also want to contact Herb Harris (top_side at geocities_com) or 
access the NFC BP pages (accessible from the Programs section of the NFC 
website) about registering fish in the Breeder's Program so that 
donations will be eligible for breeder's program points. I believe that 
all wild form fish from the US, Mexico, Central America, etc are 
eligible for inclusion in the NFC Breeder's Program, although our main 
focus is US natives.  Most of Mexico's goodeids, pupfish and livebearers 
are in trouble and need to be part of species maintenance programs, al. 

BTW, for straight donations, just advise Robert Rice of what you would  
like to donate and expected shipping costs.  RR will have the high 
bidder send me a check and I will send the donor (you) a NFC check for 
shipping costs.  Drop shipping from the breeder directly to the buyer is 
definitely the way to go to minimize transport stress. 

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>Hello all,
>I have been unsubed for a while but now I'm back. So do we have any 
>hot topics or fish removals?
>Plus who is the contact person for donations? I have some Xiph. 
>(rio axla) that are f1 which I would like to donate to the next e 
>or BP. Also I lost some of my emails so I don't have the email addy of 
>people who said they were interested in them, I think it was Dwight M 
>terry M. Please contact me.
>The web sight looks great!
>Mastberc at ssu_southwest.msus.edu 

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