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Re: Live cultures

Robert: will send down TWO bags of daphnia next week, so you have a new 
starter culture and a backup culture.  Suggest acquiring some water from 
the pond out back for daphnia culture.  BTW, adding Jungle Labs' Clear 
Water product, which contains potassium permanganate, will take the iron 
out of solution of your well water, however, I don't recommend treated 
well water for daphnia.  Rainwater or water from a pond, stream, etc. is 
much better.  Suggest adding  some crushed oyster shell to raise 
dissolved calcium levels in the culture water as the daphnia need the 
calcium for their shells.

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>Got Dwight Moodys Daphnia Magna culture and in 48 hours managed to kill
>it dead...I use well water in most of my tanks and it is high in Iron.
>Which as I recently learned kills daphnia. SO ...I'll restart a wading
>pool with rainwater and compost and try again :) Anyone one want o send
>me some more cultures to kill :)
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