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Re: Territorial behaviour


Sounds like your Red Shiners are really doing well! A variety of  
chubs/dace/shiners exhibit territorial behavior, either defending a 
constructed nest (pebble pile or depression) or a particular patch of a 
riffle.  Seems like you have a male that has established a territory and 
is willing to spawn.  Unfortunately, the males' willingness does not 
mean that the females are ready or have spawned already. The likelihood 
of fry survival in a tank with several adult fish is somewhere between 
slim and none. Below is my recommendation for a setup to try.

Suggest taking the male and putting him in a breeder tank with peastone 
gravel and some mixed plants, such as bunches of anacharis and 
myriophyllum, coontail, etc.  Separate females into another tank and 
feed lots of live/frozen foods until they are nicely colored and plump, 
then put them in with the male.  When the females' plumpness is gone, 
remove all adults and watch for fry in the tank- should be quite small, 
like little slivers of glass, and not free swimming for several days.  
When you notice free swimming fry, feed infusoria culture and/or green 
water until they are big enough to take microworms and newly hatched 
brine shrimp.  Should show rapid growth with frequent feedings of live 
food and water changes (cover the end of the siphon tube with a brine 
shrimp net secured with a rubber band to avoid siphoning fry). Infusoria 
cultures can be easily made (instructions in most fish breeding books) 
or cultures can be obtained from vendors advertising in the classified 
ad section of many aquarium magazines.  If you can't get some locally, 
let me know, as I have cultures of various organisms, such as 
microworms, daphnia, rotifers, etc.

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>	Do shiners exhibit territorial behaviour near their egg cache like
>some cichlids? One male is constantly chasing all other males away from
>his corner. I have a feeling that there might be some eggs hiding in 
>crevices in that corner although I can't spot any. What size are the 
>ps: NANFA members, I have not got any NANFA posts in a week or so. Has 
>list been slow or have I been accidently kicked off the NANFA list?
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