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Fish for sale trade

Hell Folks,

I will soon be moving from this part of Florida and the many interesting
strains of fish I have discovered in my 4 years collecting here will no
longer be avaliable for sale wild caught. If you have been sitting on the
fence wondering about the fish or whatever do yourself a favor and ask
the NFC.Actwin.com email list about the quality, quanity (i usually ship
extra fish) and colors of the fish I ship. Ask hard questions ask my
customers are they happy with their order ? Then place an order. I
typically do not go out unless I have a paid order as it is work to
collect in these remote locations. Many of wich are on private lands and
are unavaliable to the general public. Since I do not have unlimited time
or tank space I will collect as orders are recieved. Anyway here is my
list for the fall . All shipments CIA (cash in Advance) been burned too
many times :( I follow all state and fed regulations and  am a Licensed
bait dealer. Will not cash your check until the fish are shipped.

3$ a fish plus 10$ shipping 10 fish minimum

e. evergladi .....from the pensacola area very dark vevety black and a
durable species. I have set up Peter Rollo , Ray Wollf and countless
others with their breeding stock so these are nice. Typically the
preffered brood stock for aquarist.

e. Zonatum....A Nice strain from the perdido river drainage. Much larger
the evergladi great for the first time pygmy sunfish owner 

l. Ommatta...This tiny  killie is great in a small tank personable lemony
color from Eastern Alabama. A great aquarium species.

Sailfin Shiner...A unique strain cwith a neon orange hue replacing much
of the black stripes typical for the species.

Flagfin Shiner- This yellow finned beuty is my favorite shiner. It is
durable , colorfull and takes to tank life very well. If you can only
attempt to keep 1 native shiner I reccomend this one. Mine are far
prettieir than petersons fileld guides pictures.

Dollar Sunfish...Sporadically avaliable in numbers. A great pond/tank
sunfish stays small has a lot of personaility and energy . Highly
reccomended for the first time native fish keeper.

Bluespot Sunfish....Nice variety from Alabama . The most durable of the
ennecanthus clan. Very durable.

Blackbanded Sunfish....Sporadically avaliable from my breeding ponds
check first befor makeing an order.

f. Chrysotus...The best first killie for the aquarist. I isoloated this
strain and then released in to my private lake where it has thrived out
competing the gambusia there. A colorfull durable strain.

Other oddball stuff avaliable on request including bluefin killie,
florida flagfish , madtoms, larger sunfish.

Send your order to :

Simply natives
2213 Prytania Circle 
Navrre Florida 

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com
website  http:\\nativefish.interspeed.net\