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I am a bit unsure of what you want to do, but most native fish 
activities are illegal only if you don't have a license or permit for 
the activity.  Suggest that you might want to contact your local Fish 
and Wildlife office and discuss what you would like to do and what 
permits might be needed.  Scientific collection permits may allow a wide 
variety of collecting, research and other activities related to native 
non-game fish and obtaining such a permit is highly recommended.  Of 
course, being a member of the NFC, a nonprofit conservation 
organization, seems to help, so I would also like to recommend that you 
join ASAP to allow you participate in NFC programs and activities, such 
as the Breeder's Program and Exotics Removal Program. (See our website, 
located at http://nativefish.interspeed.net/ for more info.)

BTW, if you might be interested in breeding CA native fish or providing 
some to the NFC Breeder's Program, please contact Herb Harris, NFC 
Breeder's Program Administrator at top_side at geocities_com to see what CA 
species might be of interest to the BP.  Provisions for capturing 
breeding stock for members of the NFC Breeder's Program and/or capturing 
introduced exotic species under the NFC Exotics Removal Program can be 
included in the SCP application.  As Team Leader for the Planning, 
Research and Legal Team of the BP, I can assist you in developing a SCP 
application, if necessary.

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>replies, you have to join the NFC list.  Instructions are right in my 
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>Hello there,
>     I was interested in finding out about joining up under Offer #3.  
>can be reached at dale at internet-frontier_net .  I would also be very
>grateful if you could help point me in the right direction of where to
>look to find out about the legality of collecting in 
>I'm assuming that what I want to do is illegal....  goodness knows
>everything else in California is :D !).  Thanks.
>-Kathleen Fenton

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