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Orlando trip

Hey all,	
			I spent the weekend in Orlando with family and friends and did some
collecting as well. Happy to report there were no exotics, save tilapia, to be
found. However, I did happen on a wonderful and bizarre character. While
running my net through a garden of Sagg. in Lake Underhill, I brought up a
Siren about 18" in length. Not sure whether it's a greator or lessor, Never
seen one before, though a friend with me, who is a biologist, knew right off
what it was. VERY COOL
		 It's new home is the Lowry Zoo in Tampa, the native aquarium project Robert
has been working on. The tank is currently a "living rock" (salt) display,
which has proved to be a maintanance nightmare, so they have decided on an all
native display of the smaller species, too few people are aware of.
Good PR for the NFC and a great educational tool for the Zoo, all around a
great project.
		Well that's all for now, keep the Vision,