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Hello folks,

We here at the NFC are having a special contest for the members of our EMAIL
list NFC at actwin_com . If you are a amature writer (not published within the
last 36 months) heres your chance ! Topics are limited to Life Historys ,
childrens conservation activities and  general conservation . Please no
editorials or political pieces.  Articles will be added to the website article
database, assuming of course they are factually accurate and readable.
Judgment will be made by our writing contest team and all desicions are final.
If you are a non NFC member there is a 2 $ entry fee. Please send your
particulars  along with your article on a disk to robertrice at juno_com or you
can email it directly to the nFC list at NFC at actwin_com 

Now for the fun part the Prizes !!!!

3rd Prize : 3 , 1 year memberships to share, a Tommelleri print of your

2nd Prize: all of the above plus a new filter from the NFC gift box (type
limited to avaliability.)

1st Prize : All of the above plus 25$ and the Contest committe will work
closely  with you to get your article published by a MAJOR publication. IF you
are published you can expect a paycheck in excess of 100$ . The Committe will
do any of the following as needed , rewrite , submit , find artwork or edit .

All submissions must be in by Dec 15th 1998. AGAIN Non NFC members add 2$ with
your submission.