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DP posting on both lists

I get a couple of hundred posts some days from lists and other sources.  NANFA
and NFC are usually the only ones I see double posts on.  Typically they
arrive at about the same time and you can almost always tell from the Subject
that they are the same post.  I usually check quickly and then use the delete
key. (I have a delete key and am not afraid to use it!)

Perhaps we could use more precise statements in the Subject area and use some
sort of abbreviation to indicate it is a single or double posting.  Both in
the initial subject posting and replies.  (Maybe we need to mark only double

DP = double post, original message
SP = single post, original message
<subject matter> ReplyDP = double post reply
<subject matter> ReplySP = single post reply

NANFA messages have NANFA in subject area when they show up on my screen (I
don't know how they show up in other systems), hence I know it is a NANFA
post.  I don't get that on NFC.  If others don't receive it this way, we could
use SP1 for NANFA and SP2 for NFC (no offense meant to anyone, NANFA was just
here first).

Actually, I am surprised that on some issues there are not more multi-posts.
While I wouldn't normally post a goldfish problem on Killietalk list, when I
was searching for fish room and bug zapper ideas, I posted them on several
lists to get as much help as I could and to share solutions with as many folks
as possible.

Once we came up with a reasonable solution, we could come up with a single
post (labeled "NANFA List Netiquette Double Posting")  that could be
distributed explaining the procedure to everyone and could be passed on to
future new folks to our lists.  I expect that folks on only one list won't
participate, and that is probably natural.  But those that are active on both
probably would.  Hopefully this doesn't make things too complicated but would
make things more efficient.

Hope this makes sense; I didn't get much sleep last night.  Comments and
improvements welcomed.

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA