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Back from Gainesville NFC helps a ZOO............

Hello all,

Made it back from gainseville Alive :)

Spent a day doing collecting for the Lowery Park Zoo's  new 750 gallon
native fish tank. After a series of long talks we have both agreed to set
the tank up as a educational tank with photos and drawings of the fish
along with a narrative on the importance of diversity. As I explained to
everyone there diversity is like the childs game thin ice. You can knock
one block , two block even more out and  things do not crash. However no
one knows how much is to much or wich species is the one that will make
it all come crashing down. The bottom line is we have an ally in the zoo
community. People have been watching our efforts and are immpresed. 

So the lowery Park ZOO will soon be an NFC affiliated program. we have
worked together  on it's educational aspects and I will be traveling back
for further visits as the new tank gets farther along ! A press release
will be forthcoming. The zoo community is interested in us and respects
us. Congrats to all of us who have volunteered so diligently !

I will need the Support of NFC memberts to help stock this tank, Species
list to be postwed in the next couple of weeks.   BTW The Zoo is
considering starting it's own Exotic  REmoval Program affiliated of
course with us in  the NFC. They found the idea revolutionary :)

Robert Rice
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