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Re: Statistics catch up/ideas


I use to use ropes, but they broke in current (atleast I hope there were
only honest peole back then,)  I now use dog chain or wire the gauge of
coat hanger.  I some times can't find my own trap, and I know exactly
where it is.  These materials quickly tarnish and blend in with the
suroundings, plus the chain sinks tight to the bottm leaving it less
likly to be snagged by a lure.

On Wed, 09 Sep 1998 06:49:43 PDT "Dwight Moody" <dwightmoody at hotmail_com>
>FWIW, I have had the same problem with minnow traps developing legs 
>walking off.  Nice bright and shiny minnow traps stick out like a sore 
>thumb, and so do the older ones, albeit to a slightly lesser extent.  
>Visibility to passersby almost guarantees that at some point some 
>fingered individual will acquire your minnow trap, especially if you 
>an anchor line that is highly visible, such as a floating 
>rope in orange, white or yellow. The key to reducing or preventing 
>losses seems to be reducing visibility, which doesn't seem to reduce 
>trap's ability to catch fish.
>My current minnow trap has been used numerous times without incident, 
>despite being left overnight on a regular basis in some high-traffic 
>areas.  I attribute this to the fact that I spray painted it, inside 
>out,  with flat black paint.  It is quite hard to see against a dark 
>background, even if you look directly at it. Works great in dark mud 
>bottomed areas and is almost invisible.  I also use a thin black 
>line which is also hard to see against a dark mud bottom.  To 
>the Miller beer commercial: Works great, less aggravating!
>PS: for other substrate types, you might want to have a paint matches 
>the substrate in your area that is the same color, i.e., for sand, use 
>light brown or tan paint, for quartz sand with dark specks, use a 
>off-white accented with black specks (black paint sprayed at a 
>over a base coat of flat off-white), etc. Similar color matching with 
>the anchor line, if possible.

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