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Digest - Wahoo. :)

Ok, folks, I think we've a digest up and running.  To switch to the
digest, send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com witht he follwing commands: 
unsubscribe nfc
subscribe nfc-digest
If you've a weird mail addy set up (Such as JoeBlow at spamblock_kokomoe.com>
to block spam messages or are trying ot use a different acct., just add
your e-mail addy in there (Subscribe <you>  nfc... etc.)  

J. L. Wiegert                            NFC at actwin_com List Admin
Come Chat at SomeThing Fishy             To join: Send e-mail to
Telnet to:                               majordomo at actwin_com with
Nexus.V-Wave.Com, port 7000              the command 'subscribe nfc' 
                                         in the body.  To leave, 
Visit My Website At:                     use 'unsubscribe nfc'.
www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/2308  Or NFC's Web Page at
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!