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Re: Statistics catch up/ideas - Spray Paint.

Actually, none that I have noticed.  If you let the paint air dry for a 
week or so in the sun, there should be few, if any, volatile organic 
compounds left. Volatile organics are the new paint smell that is the 
residual solvents still off-gassing from the painted surface.

One thing that I have found quite effective and I forgot to mention is 
that Berkeley's Power Bait make an excellent minnow trap bait that is 
much more durable than bread chunks.  The Power Bait stays on the wire 
that I use to suspend it in the trap, isn't consumed and continues to 
generate scent for a long time. I don't recommend using it in areas 
holding brook trout, however, as I have had 6"+ brook trout squeeze 
their way into the trap containing Power Bait. Unsure whether the 
attraction was the Power Bait or minnows, but was amazed at the size of 
the trout that squeezed through the 1" opening. Didn't notice similar 
behavior in areas holding brown or rainbow trout, so I suspect that the 
behavior is specific to brook trout.

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>Any problems with teh sp;ray paint's scent reducing catches?  
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>On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Dwight Moody wrote:
>> FWIW, I have had the same problem with minnow traps developing legs 
>> walking off.  Nice bright and shiny minnow traps stick out like a 
>> thumb, and so do the older ones, albeit to a slightly lesser extent.  
>> Visibility to passersby almost guarantees that at some point some 
>> fingered individual will acquire your minnow trap, especially if you 
>> an anchor line that is highly visible, such as a floating 
>> rope in orange, white or yellow. The key to reducing or preventing 
>> losses seems to be reducing visibility, which doesn't seem to reduce 
>> trap's ability to catch fish.
>> My current minnow trap has been used numerous times without incident, 
>> despite being left overnight on a regular basis in some high-traffic 
>> areas.  I attribute this to the fact that I spray painted it, inside 
>> out,  with flat black paint.  It is quite hard to see against a dark 
>> background, even if you look directly at it. Works great in dark mud 
>> bottomed areas and is almost invisible.  I also use a thin black 
>> line which is also hard to see against a dark mud bottom.  To 
>> the Miller beer commercial: Works great, less aggravating!
>> PS: for other substrate types, you might want to have a paint matches 
>> the substrate in your area that is the same color, i.e., for sand, 
use a 
>> light brown or tan paint, for quartz sand with dark specks, use a 
>> off-white accented with black specks (black paint sprayed at a 
>> over a base coat of flat off-white), etc. Similar color matching with 
>> the anchor line, if possible.
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>> >
>> >Well, it finally happened.  I knew it was bound to some day simply 
>> because
>> >of the Laws of Probablility.  Some low-life, piggish, lazy, selfish 
>> piece
>> >of pond scum SOB stole my favorite fish trap today!  I'd like to 
>> the
>> >little worm and see if I could fit him through the traps opening a 
>> couple
>> >of hundred times!  For crying out loud!  I mean if the thief wanted 
>> >needed a trap so bad...I'd have bought him a brand new one rather 
>> >have him steal my personal favorite. "Good ole #1" has been catching
>> >fishies for me now  for years; and now some punk has it stashed 
>> somewhere
>> >and is probably laughing about the whole thing.
>> >
>> >The real 'beach' is that it was only there for about 2 hours as I 
>> >leave my traps unattended for longer than that.
>> >
>> >Luke
>> >
>> >
>> >
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