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Re: serious letter

Hey Micheal,

	All very sound advise, especially the "don't give up" and one of the most
interesting posts to the list yet. The amount info and interest and comradery
everyone has shown is refreshing, thankyou all.  
	As for stocking, I think you should start at the bottom of the chain first.
(only my uneducated opinion)   
	The fish and inverts and crusties will need vegitation and lots of it to hang
in, eat from, hide in, do the nasty in, ect. Start there, then begin adding
the higher forms of the biota. I would suggest you collect the veggie matter
from the same places you intend to get the fish, i.e. the swamp.
	 You may also want to find out from the developer if there are any future
plans for this land/pond. But don't give it up yet,
just a friendly opinion.   : )