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Statistics catch up

Well, it finally happened.  I knew it was bound to some day simply because
of the Laws of Probablility.  Some low-life, piggish, lazy, selfish piece
of pond scum SOB stole my favorite fish trap today!  I'd like to catch the
little worm and see if I could fit him through the traps opening a couple
of hundred times!  For crying out loud!  I mean if the thief wanted or
needed a trap so bad...I'd have bought him a brand new one rather than
have him steal my personal favorite. "Good ole #1" has been catching
fishies for me now  for years; and now some punk has it stashed somewhere
and is probably laughing about the whole thing.

The real 'beach' is that it was only there for about 2 hours as I never
leave my traps unattended for longer than that.