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Re: suggestions/intelligence/marketing natives

Michael: I recognize your frustration (and your followup post on 
intelligence - or lack thereof) but these people need something concrete 
to change their minds.  While a concrete block dropped on their heads 
may work to get their attention, I would like to suggest an alternative.  
Robert Rice's article "The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake" is a perfect 
example of how gambusia stocking doesn't work but stocking with natives 
does.  As the developer obviously wants repeat business, this article 
demonstrates the different results that can be had in a language that 
any developer can understand: MONEY.  The question for a developer is 
this: Would you like your customers to remember your firm as the folks 
who constructed a stinking, algae infested cesspool of a pond or the 
folks who created a vibrant, attractive ecosystem that improves property 
values and enhances the reputation of the construction firm?  Which one 
is more likely to attract repeat business and free word-of-mouth 

'Nuff said.
The article can be downloaded from the Articles section of the NFC 
website, located at http://nativefish.interspeed.net/.  

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>It looks like I may not get to stock the pond after all.  I called the 
>and they said they would as "standard practice" stock the ponds with 
>in the near future, I tried to give helpful advice and they said they 
>take my views into consideration.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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