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Re: Fw: Native collections

One of the best places to start for persons interested in native fish is 
the NFC website, located at http://nativefish.interspeed.net/, as there 
is quite a few articles and photos of various native fish species.  
Please consider joining the NFC and working with us to conserve our 
native fish species.

Second, I recommend that you acquire a copy of Peterson's Field Guide to 
the Freshwater Fishes (about $20), which has excellent range maps and 
illustrations.  The descriptions of each species in the book provides 
important clues as to where these fish might be found.  Local bait 
stores can be good sources of information and/or already captured 

You might want to consider joining the NFC discussion list, which is 
dedicated to a wide variety of subjects about native fish.  It is free 
and accessible from the NFC website, or you can join by  sending an 
e-mail to: nfc-request at actwin_com, with the command 'subscribe' in
the body of the message (not the subject line). The NFC has a number of 
members who reside in Florida and the southern states, some of which 
might be interested in either joining you for a collection trip or 
having you join them for a trip. If I remember my geography and range 
maps correctly, I believe that you are in a very good location for 
native fish collecting, with a large number of species available within 
a couple hours' drive.  

Good luck collecting and hope you consider joining the discussion list 
and the NFC !

Dwight D. Moody, NFC Secretary/Treasurer

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>I have kept tropical aqauriums off and on for more years than I care to
>remember, but have been inactive for several years.  I recently moved
>into a
>house (in Jacksonville) that has a detached garage and I have 
>a section to be used as a fish room.  Over the years I have collected 
>a few species tanks of local natives - nothing exotic - like mollies,
>fish, bluefin top minnows, and a little long-fin shinner that lives in
>in the area.  They have usually done quite well, and I find them very
>interesting.  I want to devote a large part of my new fish room to
>but am not sure where to begin.  I have mostly 10, 15 & 20-gallon 
>with undergravel and power filters.  I have a large central air pump
>supplies all of the tanks.  At present, there are a total of 15 tanks,
>most of
>which are set up, but have no fish in them!  
>I am writing to you to ask 2 basic questions - first, do you have
>for interesting local species?  I want to get some of the ones 
>above, any native killie fishes (including brackish water varieties),
>flag fish, and some of the miniature sun fishes (one I have caught in 
>was a dark olive with bright blue dots - quite lovely).  Any other 
>might know of the in the north Fla area?  Secondly, where to find some 
>these fishes.  I know where to find a few local types, but there are
>several I
>have never found, although they are supposed to live around here.  Any
>personal tidbits would be appreciated, or any books you might know 
>would guide me.  I might be interested in jointing NANF, too.  Are the
>members in this area?  
>Thanks for you time, and I look forward to hearing from you!  
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