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Re: serious letter

Excellent point ! Fish do not live in a vacum ! We must also make an
effort to Balance the needs of other members of our aquatic ecosystems !
balance is the key.........

On Mon, 07 Sep 1998 23:50:48 -0500 Taxman <z931818 at niu_edu> writes:
>I understand that this is list is filled with those dedicated to 
>conservation of native fish species, but I just want to introduce a 
>point here.
>It sounds like you've examined this pond for vertebrate life rather 
>but what about invertebrates?  There are many species of aquatic 
>insects whose
>larvae can only survive in bodies of water that do NOT contain 
>fishes...an example
>would be several of the phantom midges of family Chaoboridae.  I would 
>recommend a
>more thorough (if it has not already been done) examination of the 
>biodiversity of
>these apparently "fishless regions," so that in one's (good-intended) 
>haste to
>save the native fishes, native insects and crustaceans aren't 
>eradicated instead.
>Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
>> OK guys and gals I have an opportunity, due to much construction in 
>my area
>> and the requirement of runoff ponds for parking lot rain water I 
>have found a
>> pond (1/3 acre or so) that has been forgotten and has no fish!  I 
>plan to
>> contact the developers and ask if I can stock this little jewel with 
>fish of
>> my choosing.  Nothing lives there but insects and tadpoles.  A great
>> opportunity to start an ecosystem from the ground up (so to speak) I 
>> leaning towards H. Formosa, madtoms, bluespotted sunnies, and maybe 
>> pickerels.  I know some dace are native here and some shiners.  Want 
>to start
>> a discussion/suggestions for stocking this pristine body of water?
>  Michael

Robert Rice
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