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Fw: Daphnia stuff from the web...AND I need help with how to remove headers on

I have been in contact with this gentleman in China who's family owns a huge
goldfish farm and feeds daphnia a lot.  I had asked him for a little help on
raising daphnia and this is his reply.  Though he is a knowledgeable and
educated man, please be patient with his English.  His English is certainly
better than my Chinese!
I would like to hear comments on his advice.

Now a computer and list posting problem:  I received flaming replies from two
other list owner when forwarding posts to other lists.  Seems I don't remove
the headers and I've done some crossposting which results in bounces.  I'll be
glad to cooperate and be a good lister as soon as I can figure out HOW to
remove headers on AOL (I've tried highlighting and backspace as well as delete
and it doesn't work) and I don't know what crossposting is and how it results
in a bounce.  My apologies to anyone on this list that has been bothered by
this.  If anyone can help, please let me know.  You can do it privately if you
prefer, but I figure I'm not the only person who would benefit on better ways
to post information. 

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com

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Dear Mr. Chuck,
I once sent a piece of mail to the list that our fish farm located in a
villege near a very large reservoir. We use the dung of chicken, horse, cox
and other beasts as the food of water flea. Such material is hard to get in
city. The best Tem. for W.F. is 18-20C, and best PH is 7.5-8.5. Oxygen is
over 70% of its full dissolving degree. This is for large scale feeding.
As for small scale breeding. You can get some water flea with large size
body, strong reproduce ability in river small fresh water gulf or bay then
put them into a tank. often pure just soup of meat juice, wash rice water
and soya-bean milk into it. After 7 days you can see a lot of water flea in
This post is a bit simple but it tells you the basic conditions that
daphnia. If the quantity you need is not large. I suggest you should buy
frozen daphnia then put them in vacuum bag and store them in refrigerator. 

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