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Fw: Native collections

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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 21:23:19 EDT
Subject: Native collections
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I have kept tropical aqauriums off and on for more years than I care to
remember, but have been inactive for several years.  I recently moved
into a
house (in Jacksonville) that has a detached garage and I have partitioned
a section to be used as a fish room.  Over the years I have collected and
a few species tanks of local natives - nothing exotic - like mollies,
fish, bluefin top minnows, and a little long-fin shinner that lives in
in the area.  They have usually done quite well, and I find them very
interesting.  I want to devote a large part of my new fish room to
but am not sure where to begin.  I have mostly 10, 15 & 20-gallon tanks,
with undergravel and power filters.  I have a large central air pump
supplies all of the tanks.  At present, there are a total of 15 tanks,
most of
which are set up, but have no fish in them!  

I am writing to you to ask 2 basic questions - first, do you have
for interesting local species?  I want to get some of the ones mentioned
above, any native killie fishes (including brackish water varieties),
flag fish, and some of the miniature sun fishes (one I have caught in the
was a dark olive with bright blue dots - quite lovely).  Any other types
might know of the in the north Fla area?  Secondly, where to find some of
these fishes.  I know where to find a few local types, but there are
several I
have never found, although they are supposed to live around here.  Any
personal tidbits would be appreciated, or any books you might know about
would guide me.  I might be interested in jointing NANF, too.  Are the
members in this area?  

Thanks for you time, and I look forward to hearing from you!  

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