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California fishies ...we need em !

Any California folks wanna help Sean ..............

Perhaps I should have elaborated more in my original query--I have long
since "contacted" Cal Fish and Game, NANFA, the Native Fish Conservancy,
the University of California at Davis Aquaculture program and UC Extension
Aquaculture, numerous World Famous Ichthyologists, friends, relatives, and
fish people (other than myself), all to little avail on _pond_ husbandry
of California native warmwater fish.  I want to introduce several species
into my backyard pond, in part because I prefer native species in native
territory, and in part because these fish should do well in the central
valley, where I and my pond live (or soon will).  Sources for certain of
these are simple--white sturgeon are major players in California
aquaculture, and Sacramento blackfish and perch have been so utilized as
well.  The simplest legal sources for any such fish are licensed
aquaculture operations and from other legally held domesticated sources,
but despite my having contacted all of the above I have drawn a blank on
pond culture and current sources for many of the fish that I listed.  So,
while I appreciate the advice already offered, I posted my query to this
newsgroup in the hope that some firsthand information would be
forthcoming.  Koi will never sully my pond.....


Sean Barry