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Daphnia, or water fleas, are a crustacean like brine shrimp (or lobsters, for
that matter).  They have feathery, antenna-like legs which are used to pull
themselves through the water and at the same time scoop up infusoria and algae
for them to feed on.  Daphnia species vary in size, the largest (Daphnia
magna) reaching just under 1/4 inch (~6mm) in length.  The only difference
between raising daphnia and mosquito larvae is that daphnia will require
calcium in the water (in order to grow their exoskeletons).  Mosquito larvae
could care less about calcium, so add a nylon filter bag of crushed coral to
your mosquito culture, and you will be all set to raise daphnia in it as well.
That's what I do.