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Re: Class project

I too like the UG filter with the powerheads, so do my fish.  The area
underneath the powerhead is usually pretty calm and the small sunnies and
other "quiet water" fish hang out in that area.  The shiners and darters
love to hang out in the current.

...says the "Phishhed"

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Date: Friday, September 04, 1998 7:45 PM
Subject: Re: Class project

>I too like the undergravel filters for native tanks, especially when
>combined with powerheads.  Most natives seem to enjoy the current produced.
>The North American Native Fishes Association:  over
>20 years of conservation efforts, public education, and
>aquarium study of our native fishes.  Check it out at
> www.nanfa.org
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>>I prefer UGF.
>>On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Bill Flowers wrote:
>>>   To all I need some input. I justtalked to my boy's 6th grade science
>>> about setting up a 10 gallon native fish tank. She is all for it. I have
>>> collected some young darters and minnows from a creek in Illinois that
>>> almost dried up. These are to young to identify yet. I was thinking of
>>> up a tank with these fish in it. The kids could watch them grow and at
>the end
>>> of the year id the fish. The kids could observe the interactions of the
>fish and
>>> write a class report about what they observed during the year. They
>>> the report to the NFC to see if we could put it on our web page. This
>>> first idea. Any suggestions?
>>>      The thing I am trying to figure out is the right type of filtration
>to put
>>> on the tank. I am fond of the outside filters but would like to keep it
>>> the cleaning the tank would be simple and relatively clean process. Any
>>> suggestions?
>>>    A Fish Addict,
>>>     Bill Flowers