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Re: Class project

I prefer UGF.


On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Bill Flowers wrote:

>   To all I need some input. I justtalked to my boy's 6th grade science teacher
> about setting up a 10 gallon native fish tank. She is all for it. I have
> collected some young darters and minnows from a creek in Illinois that was
> almost dried up. These are to young to identify yet. I was thinking of setting
> up a tank with these fish in it. The kids could watch them grow and at the end
> of the year id the fish. The kids could observe the interactions of the fish and
> write a class report about what they observed during the year. They could submit
> the report to the NFC to see if we could put it on our web page. This was my
> first idea. Any suggestions?
>      The thing I am trying to figure out is the right type of filtration to put
> on the tank. I am fond of the outside filters but would like to keep it where
> the cleaning the tank would be simple and relatively clean process. Any
> suggestions?
>    A Fish Addict,
>     Bill Flowers