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Re: home built aquariums

Hey...I'd like to see them too !!! What say group?
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Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: home built aquariums

>SEND THEM!! You know I want to see!
>Jeff <*\\><
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>Subject: home built aquariums
>>A few days ago their was a lot of talk about building aquariums.  I have a
>>couple of pictures I have dug up of one of my early tanks.  It was built
>>freshwater tank but with several of the new (at the time) marine aquarium
>>advances.  It has a surface water return with a sponge pre-filter, a
>>filter sump with a water return that resembled a short water fall.  If
>>is interested in seeing these pictures send to me privately or if our
>>say it is ok I'll send them to everyone.  The tank pictured has been in
>>operation about 12 years and changed owners three times.  Still no leaks
>>problems.  It currently houses several bluegills, a bullhead, and a bass.
>>tank holds around 90 gallons.