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Re: fish room ideas wanted

Mark, your setup sounds just bout like mine, though I haven't reached 30
tanks quite yet, but I'm working on it! :)

The only out of the ordinary setup I have is a homemade "cooler" system
for temperature and photoperiod control for breeding those tricky
shiners that seem to need a dormant period. It is simply an old
refrigerator with a central AC temp control circuit, and a light on a
timer. Got a ten gallon tank on some boards on the bottom of the fridge,
leaves just enough room for one shelf above the tank to place the
thermostat (sealed inside an old plastic coffee jar, Folgers of course
:) and the rest of the paraphernalia like air pump, ect. This setup is
the only way to go for holding the temp at whatever you like, even in
the middle of 100+ days here in south Arkansas. (Well, I guess you could
go spend big bucks on chillers, but this system cost me $20 out of
pocket, as the fridge and most control circuit parts were scrounged :)


Mark Binkley wrote:
> Don't have any sophisticated systems in my room, but you're welcome to come
> view my 30 some tanks.  One system I do find indispensible is a water
> changing hose hooked up to the washer/dryer hookup and drain hose running
> to the floor drain.  The theme of my setups is economy.  I improvise with
> whatever I can find.  Use old TV cabinets and cinder blocks with boards
> across them for stands.  Also use mostly second hand tanks and iron and
> wood stands.  I like all my tanks near eye level when sitting, for easy
> viewing and access from above for maintenance.
> Mark Binkley
> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
> mbinkley at earthling_net
> Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him
> to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.