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Re: good science vs. diplomas....and other things !

luke says,
>> representative who will listen to my views instead of a 
>> "wildlife espert"
>> who will do what he/she thinks is best come hell or high water.
Jay says,

>No offense intended I promise.  You're a great guy and I respect you.
>But, I don't understand why you categorize people like this. 


Not to get into a lengthy debate but your previous statement about
uneducated and untrained  folks makeing the rules is a bad thing makes me
nervous. I think the better barometer is  do folks follow a good science
model. Given your example  most of the great naturalist our country has
produced would not count because they were "untrained" . 

Dr, Becker a student of Aldo Leopold  said this to me once.......By the
time I figured out how big the problems were and got around to fixing
them 60 years passed me by if I'd waited for my degree to come in 10
years would have been wasted........

If you judge a person by their diplomas or lack of diplomas instead of
the content of their charactor or their actions you are makeing a very
serious mistake. 

>It may take time, but I think we all need to establish a relationship
>with our state and federal natural resource agencies if we want to
>influence them.  Their biologists are educated people, and you'll need
>to interact with them in a professional and intelligent manner.  An
>anti-agency attitude isn't going to make your tasks easier to
>accomplish.  I am not a state or federal biologist, by the way. 

I agree there and work as closly as possible with the Fisheries folks :)
Inspite of my lack of formal education I am proud to contribute where I
can in the legislative and conservation issues of my generation. I
consider it my obligation. Back to lurker mode : )
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