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Re: Positive Influence (was Re: NFC freebie for Sept.....)

Well Said  ! Takeing a kid collecting  is a very nobel thing to do !!

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:48:54 -0500 "Warren H.Lund Jr."
<phishhed at acadiacom_net> writes:
>Hi Norm,
>   I think that it is very admirable that you at least gave it a try.  
>definitely wouldn't consider it a failure, you helped give a child a 
>that will stay with him for the rest of his life, especially during a 
>trying and confusing time in his life.  Something touches me deep 
>evert time I see the joy a child experiences when he or she catches a 
>They don't care how big or what kind, they only know that they've
>accomplished something special.  By being a part of that experience, 
>you can
>help show them how to be a caring, conservation-minded, responsible
>sportsman.  To this day, I still remember everyone that took a little 
>out of their busy lives to spend time with me and help nurture and 
>my interests in fish and fishing.
>   The purpose of our kid's rodeo (Jr. Sportsman's Day) is to try to 
>an outing for the entire family and to help teach the kids the true 
>of conservation and sportsmanship.  We have a fishing rodeo with many
>different age classes and trophies for first, second and third in each
>class, plus specialty trophies.  We give out over thirty trophies, and 
>are trophies that even any adult would be proud to receive.  The 
>smallest is
>usually about 12" and the tallest (for King  and Queen Fishers) 
>topping out
>at almost three feet !  We have various speakers and demonstrations as 
>entertainment.  We feed the kids, and their families, lunch which 
>consists of hot dogs and chilli, corn-on-the-cob, jambalaya, chips, 
>and desserts.  Every child walks away, a winner.  Before the event 
>ends, we
>give each and every child a "diddy-bag" full of small gifts, fishing
>equipment (lures, etc.) and various literature, plus they get a large 
>such as a rod and reel, tackle box, scoop net or a miriad of other 
>nice prizes.  The attendance is usually over 200 kids, PLUS their 
>families !
>How can we do all of this ?  Through the generous donations of local
>merchants and businesses (both large and small) and the extremely hard 
>of a  hardcore group of dedicated individuals.  We have been doing 
>this for
>many years now, but in the beginning our experiences were similar to 
>Hard work and perserverance paid off and our J.S.D. became what it is 
>We are really lucky to live in a community that cares so much about 
>    Working with kids has many rewards and many surprises, you'll 
>never know
>what's gonna happen.  Last year my 6 yr. old nephew fell head-first 
>off of a
>cement retaining wall into about 6' of water.  I had to jump in and 
>save him
>because he could'nt swim.  His first words were,"where's my fishin' 
>This year, one of the kids caught a chicken - hooked it right through 
>beak !!  I've even got pictures to back up this "fish" story.   Also, 
>daughter and neice (both 8 yrs old) caught some Texas cichlids that 
>had introduced into the lagoon system.  My daughter took first place 
>hers and my neice took second !  I've been doing this for 10 years and 
>year there are new surprises.
>     Whatever you do, my friend, don't give up.  As long as you can 
>make a
>positive impact on even one child's life, it was well worth it and 
>probably get as much or more out of it as he did.  If you need help
>developing your ideas, contact me offline and Ill be glad to help you 
>in any
>way I can.
>    I'm sorry I rambled on for so long.  I feel very strongly about  
>and providing them with a positive influence in this world of 
>...says the "Phishhed"
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