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RE: Collectors License

Hi Herb. 

> If not the legislators, who then would you 
> suggest are best suited for the task of lawmaking?

But a new type of fishing license is not a law.  It's different in
various states I guess.  Responsible natural resource management should
not be directly in the hands of untrained and uneducated people, elected
or not.

> Now, if what you mean is in terms of enforcement of the laws after the
> representatives of the people have determined what the law will be,
> perhaps you got a point, but I guess I just don't quite 
> follow yor lead on this dance quite yet. :)

My fault.  I didn't explain so you couldn't know.  It seems there's a
difference of opinion here, but I respect your opinion and ask that you
respect mine.  I don't believe the popular thing is always the proper
thing to do.  And I'm not talking about the collector's license, either.
That's a no brainer and isn't going to have any effect on fish
populations in a state like Florida which already has about the most
liberal bait fishing regulations in the country.  I'm talking about the
attitude that untrained and uneducated people and their representatives
have some innate knowledge on complex topics like ecology, population
dynamics and natural resource management.