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Re: NFC freebie for Sept.....

I tried to organize a fishing day for some of the local youngsters a month
ago.  I got several quasi-commitments from several parents, grandparents,
and friends to aid in this endeavor, or at least have their children,
grandchildren participate.  When it came down to the day of the event
though, it ended up being two of my friends and I, and my 6 year old nephew.
So, we taught him how to fish, and he caught his first specimen: a prickly
sculpin.  He was quite proud.  Ever time I see him he tells me that he still
remembers the name of the fish he caught, and then loudly declared "Prickly
sculpin".  I need to take him fishing again soon.  His parents are going
through a divorce.  That can be hard on the little ones.

Does that count.  I did organize an event, but had poor turn out.

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>I'm a Brownie-Dad  ( and probably the biggest, hairyest and ugliest girl
>scout you'll ever see !!!)  I also helped out with the Clio Sportsman's
>League "Junior Sportsman's Day"  Kids Fishing Rodeo.
>...says the "Phishhed"
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>>The first 3 people who have done some youth work in the last 3 months
>>(boy Scouts, Coach , Church work , teacher etc)  who contact me will win
>>a 1 year membership in the NFC !!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck
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