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This winter I would like to set up a fish room and live-food area in the
basement of my home and am looking for ideas.  I've started by wrangling some
invitations to some successful aquarists own fish rooms and that has certainly
given me plenty of ideas. Most seem to be an accumulation of decades of misc.
equipment (I've got a bunch of that) in every nook and cranny.  What I have
set up now is sort of a Mad Scientists' Laboratory look (and may continue).
But in the new area, I'd like it to be as well planned and thought out as time
and money will allow.  
I've seen pictures and designs of room divider aquariums, but never anything
concerning a whole fish room / live-food area.  Can anyone give me some
direction on where there might be books, archives, magazine articles,
websites, etc.relating to this subject?

I am sure that those with large fishrooms can think back and say, "gee, that
idea really works well and am I glad I did that" as well as "when I do the
room over, I am going to improve it by doing this" stories.

Even suggesting areas I haven't thought of yet would be of help.  

So far I've come up with:

- type of stands             - electrical outlets for lighting, small pumps,
heaters,  etc.
- large pump or blower (isolated for sound) and how to deliver to tanks
- possible dual pump/blower system (if one dies, I don't lose everything)
- large lighting covering multiple tanks (in most cases)
- old refrigerator for some live foods, dry and frozen food storage
- aged water container and how to get to tanks
- siphoned old water rolling container and how to get to garden/compost pile
(probably long garden hose and electric drill powered water pump)      
- tank and tools cleaning/repairing area

What have I forgotten?

Money is a concern to a point, so improvised ideas are welcomed.  I can't
afford new stainless steel racks like a university might have, but in some
cases I will do without until I can do it right.  I do not think I will be
trying a central filtration system at this time but would still consider it.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.  I travel in the Midwest as well
as go to Tucson/Phoenix, Arizona, the Southeast and Northern Florida a couple
of times a year.  If you don't mind showing off you fish and fish room and
maybe having some photos taken, let me know.

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA