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Re: Forwarding the cause

Luke: how about arranging to have a pile of NFC Fliers newsletters in a 
conveniently located display or a note with your name, tel #, etc. for 
persons interested in native fish?  Might be able to pick up quite a few 
members that way. Good luck in your initiatives !!!

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>I am happy to announce that today I received permission from the 
>that be" at Washburn University to set up a native fishes tank.  This 
is a
>40 gallon tank that was previously occupied by a very sad snapping 
>(despite my attempt to convince people to release it back to the wild, 
>turtle remained in the tank...where it died during the summer)
>Hopefully, this new setup of native fishes will encourage many of the
>biology students and staff to become more interested and involved in 
>native fishes.
>Luke McClurg

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