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Re: Collectors License

Jay, ya may have something there, just not sure what though! :)

	What would you consider a reasonable alternative to the elected
representatives of the people proposing laws? I can't think of a single
state that the elected government officials have not passed laws
concerning some form of control of the use and harvest of aquatic life,
and environmental issues that concern many aspects of water and wildlife
management. If not the legislators, who then would you suggest are best
suited for the task of lawmaking?
	Now, if what you mean is in terms of enforcement of the laws after the
representatives of the people have determined what the law will be,
perhaps you got a point, but I guess I just don't quite follow yor lead
on this dance quite yet. :)


Jay DeLong wrote:
> > The
> > legislators just do not consider the needs of recreational collectors
> > when making laws.  Anyway what will go to the powers that be is
> > a proposal for a collectors stamp , a stamp with a nice  drawing of
> > a non game fish. The funds for this 5 buck stamp would be used
> > for non game research. I think it will get passed I have the support
> > of some senate folks and a high degree of support with the Fisheries
> > folks.
> That's insane.  What business do Senators and other legislators have
> setting fishing regulations?
> Jay