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Robert Rice
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Subject: hello was Re:  Non-member submission from [H2know at aol_com]
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 ive just joined the group and wanted to say hello. i have been keeping
tropicals for about 20 years and natives for about five. the natives ive
are from the vt area. lrg and sml mouth bass , pumpkinseed, bluegills, 
perch, bull head, and shiners. your program that helps to keep non
natives out
of your water ways really intrigued me. i work part time in a pet store
hear customers tell me that they have or are about to throw there oscar
in to
the local lake. fortunately for us our lakes and ponds get far to cold
them to survive. our main problen is with aquarium plants that are thrown
our lakes. ive wanted to work with some of our (US) native species for a

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