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Fw: redbelly dace

I have already contacted Dan but thought some of the list members might
be able to add a bit more info. Please reply to the list and to Mr. Chase

Robert Rice
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Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 14:31:04 PDT
Subject: redbelly dace
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>My name is Dan Chase and I work for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.
>I am currently doing a study on the southern redbelly dace which are 
>slowly disappearing from Colorado. I have captured six dace from the 
>Arkansas river and am interested in enticing them to spawn. I have read 
>your article on the redbelly dace as an aquarium species and decided 
>that you may be able to help me with the issue of determining the sex 
>my dace. I am told that the male will have a silver speck just behind 
>the pectoral fin and if this is true I may have all males. If you can 
>lend any information that may help me I would greatly appreciate it.
>Dan Chase
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