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Re: Collecting fears.......

I'm quite serious.  A wild tiger barb will get to 6-8".  Think about
Guppies for another example.  A fancy guppy is about "normal" size, while
the runtling feeders (terribly inbred without care for, well, anything)
only reaches the tiny size of 1.5", at best...  Thats probably a better
example than my barb, but the barbs are just so amazing.
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On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> >
> > How big have you EVER seen a Tiger Barb get?  I think I see them at about
> > 3" or so, max, in the pet shop.  In the wild, these guys will get to 6-8",
> > and are incredibly beautiful at that size.  Due to inbreeding, they've
> No way!  Is this for real?  I thought 3" was a big tiger.
> Prost,
> Martin