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Re: Collecting fears.......

The people who made these posts aren't NFC people - afaik, and probably
not even native fish people.  Personally, I thought their arguements were
silly, but... I'm not a censor to not forward something (unless its spam
or cleary inappropriate.)
The best arguement I can possibly think for in favour of wild caught
fishes is this: Tiger Barbs.
How big have you EVER seen a Tiger Barb get?  I think I see them at about
3" or so, max, in the pet shop.  In the wild, these guys will get to 6-8",
and are incredibly beautiful at that size.  Due to inbreeding, they've
lost much of their size, colour, and become much more aggressive.  In
short, they've become a very domesticated fish, as have bettas,
goldenfish, and a billion morel.  I had the opportunity to obtain a pair
of wild cuaght TB's, and was even able to breed them.  The fry rates were
incredible (Unfortunately, I was unprepared, and unable to raise any up to
size...).  There were probably 10 ro more times fry than when I've bred
thir inbred cousin-brothers.  (Gets me thinking of Hamlet's Uncle-Father,
King Claudius.... :)

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On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Several folks have recently brought up to the list concerns about
> collecting , wild caught vs domestic etc...thought I'd add my 2 cents
> worth. If you have ever collected you know that MANY MANY times common
> species are in incredible numbers literally 100's per square yard.
> Collecting of a dozen or so makes no more of an impact than a bass having
> lunch. However an irresponsible collector CAN cause damge. OUr Job in the
> NFC is to educate the public on the exsistance  of these wonderfull
> fishes while balanceing responsible use of the resources. Someone
> collecting endangered species by the light of the moon IS NOT responsible
> and will never be tolerated by the NFC, However we do support
> recreational collecting of common species. It will be  a sad day when I
> can not go out with my daughter and spend an hour or so and collecting
> and enjoying local species............So in conclusion the key word for
> us recreational collectors is BALANCE !!! Collect only what you should ,
> only where you should and only how you should and it will be a better day
> for all of us ...
> Robert Rice
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