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Re: Collecting fears.......

Several folks have recently brought up to the list concerns about
collecting , wild caught vs domestic etc...thought I'd add my 2 cents
worth. If you have ever collected you know that MANY MANY times common
species are in incredible numbers literally 100's per square yard.
Collecting of a dozen or so makes no more of an impact than a bass having
lunch. However an irresponsible collector CAN cause damge. OUr Job in the
NFC is to educate the public on the exsistance  of these wonderfull
fishes while balanceing responsible use of the resources. Someone
collecting endangered species by the light of the moon IS NOT responsible
and will never be tolerated by the NFC, However we do support
recreational collecting of common species. It will be  a sad day when I
can not go out with my daughter and spend an hour or so and collecting
and enjoying local species............So in conclusion the key word for
us recreational collectors is BALANCE !!! Collect only what you should ,
only where you should and only how you should and it will be a better day
for all of us ...

Robert Rice
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