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Red Shiner colors

	You should have seen the colors of the alpha male Red Shiner 

	I had in the tank all by himself for a week to give the plants
time to settle. I moved the rest of the shiners (incl the females) to the
tank today. The alpha male went wild - contesting territory with the other
males and chasing the females. His tail, fins and the spot on top of his
head was a neon orange ... bright enough to see in the dark, I bet. The
other males didn't show all that much color, though .... they were pretty
subdued.  Probably mildly stressed from the move. 

	One male and female took over a corner of the tank among the
Anacharis and performed a "vertical circle" dance. They must be ready to
breed, then. Is late summer/early fall the right time for Shiners to
breed? Do they scatter their eggs or stick them to some object? Should I
care for the fry with special growing tank, special food or should I let
Ma Nature take its course? 

	On another note, Is Ray Wolff on this list? He is a breeder who
had advertised in the NANFA trading post and RR's list. 

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