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Fwd: Tropical Water Lilies


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I'll get to the killie part in a minute.  

Tropical water lilies adorn many killie keepers ponds.  These plants die
back when the water temperature gets below 70 and die when it gets
below 40.  Most people treat these lilies like annuals and just watch them
die.  I would like to try to keep these over the winter.  If you know
someone in your club with tropical water lilies please have them ship the
root tuber to me.  Once the leaves die back all that is left is a thumb sized
tuber that when wrapped in wet paper towels and placed in a plastic bag,
ships easily.

If you send me the tuber, I will send you

                           two dozen blue gularis eggs

 now and if your plant survives the winter, I will send you a cutting next

I would also be interested in keeping other tropical pond plants over the

Please pass this offer on to pond keepers in your local club.  Thanks  Bob

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