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RE: Hurricane

Michael, I'm glad you and your family are fine.  I lived in Clemson,
South Carolina for two years while in school.  I lived in a mobile
home-- some people called them "tornado snacks", and tornados touched
town twice within 10 miles of my place.  Then Hurrican Hugo came through
while I was there-- the devastation was incredible but fortunately for
me it was closer to the coast (not so fortunate for the people in that

I hope the cleanup isn't too difficult.

Jay (now safely tucked away in Washington where there are only volcanoes
and earthquakes to deal with!)

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> We made it!  Longest hurricane I ever been through, lasted 
> almost 48 hours!
> Lots of tree damage, so far no loss of life.  It's good to 
> have the AC back!
> Looks like all or at least most of my fish survived. later on 
> dudes and dudettes
> Michael