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RE: NANFA-- Re: value of bugs zapped by bug zapper as food

> I have heard of bug zappers being placed over the pond in 
> order to provided
> a steady source of freshly killed insects.  I have never tried this.

I work at two hatcheries that use bug zappers as a small supply of free
fish food.  When there are great amounts of insects, the conversion
factor in the ponds drops a measureable amount.  Conversion factor is
the ratio between food fed and growth achieved.  The insect weight isn't
included in the food calculation, hence the value drop.

I heard a story of fish hatchery people that used to suspend heads of
slaughtered farm animals over their raceways.  The falling maggots
supplemented the diet of the fish.  Sometimes we get school groups
visiting these hatcheries.  Those kids have a tendency to see .  If
there's one dead fish out of thousands, they'll find it ("Hey, Mister,
whatch gonna do about that dead fish?")!  I can imagine what they'd have
to say about suspended animal heads :-)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA, USA