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   Press Release : Native Fish Conservancy Aug. 11th 1998
                  Subject: Membership drive
The  Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) is proud to announce it's
first membership drive. In an effort to attract  members and
increase  the NFC's impact across the continent the  NFC  is
making  these  special offers postmarked  by  December  15th
1998. New members may choose 1 of the following offers only.
Offer 1 - Public and Private School Teachers , Students  and
Youth Leaders can Join the NFC and receive all  publications
and  all  the  benefits  of membership  for  only  3  bucks.
Membership  is normally 10 bucks. The NFC strongly  believes
in  Youth education and involvement in Conservation  issues.
Now  we  prove  it with this special offer.  Please  provide
school  information  or  your Youth  information with your
application.  (I.E. Scout troop 123, Washington Middle
School )
Offer  2  - Free Joe Tommelerri Prints. Joe is probably  the
most well known artist in the native fish field. His work is
simply  stunning. He has graciously supported the  NFC  with
his  work.  New members can receive a free 8X10 color  print
retail  value 25$ (you pay the postage of 2 bucks)  of  your
choice of the following species , Longear sunfish , Redbelly
dace,  paddlefish, rosefin shiner , redfin darter  .  Please
list  your  top  3 choices and include the 2$ postage  along
with  your  10$  membership  fee. Sportsmen  and  Naturalist
should take advantage of this special offer.
Offer  3-  FREE  FISH  !  NFC `s  email  list  members  have
volunteered a special offer designed to attract conservation
minded  aquarist  with email. Please contact  the  list  at
NFC at actwin_com and ask about this offer. Lots of wild caught
Cichlids  and  domestically reared  and  or  wild  collected
native  fish  are being given  as bonuses when you join  the
NFC.   For example join the NFC for 10$ and pay 10$  postage
and  you  will  receive 6  Exotics or natives  your  choice.
Species subject to availability but typically would be Jewel
Cichlids  ,  Salvini Cichlids , or natives like  Heterandria
Formosa , Red Shiners  and others. This offer is limited  to
supply so act quickly.

To Join the NFC;
Send Your membership dues along with Name , address ,  phone
, email  along with any special offers  to :

NFC Membership Drive
1663 Iowa Ave. E
St. Paul , MN.

Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
Check Out the Native Fish Conservancy at
email  NFC at actwin_com   or  website

Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com
website  http:\\nativefish\interspeed.net\

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