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Re: value of bugs zapped by bug zapper as food

 I used to have a cheap stinger model a couple of feet from one of my
ponds and the slightly zapped bugs would always fal in the pond....It
grew some real nice longears....

On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:47:50 EDT CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
>There is still some summer left.  I haven't used my bug zapper in 
>years but
>visited a friend who lives in the country who leaves hers on all 
>summer during
>the dark hours.  She has a large pile of dead bugs.  I wonder if these 
>some fresh ones) would be good fish food?
>I was thinking of putting them in baggies and storing them until 
>needed in the
>I'm concerned about the nutritional value, possible harm to some or 
>all fish
>and proper storage.  I have mostly natives and some tropicals.
>Any help would be appreciated!  If it has been covered in the archives
>somewhere, please point me in the right direction.
>Chuck Church
>CEFChurch at aol_com
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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