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Everglades Pygymy Sunfish Behavior

Thanks Jay!

The article in the Winter (Feb) 1998 (Vol 24 No 1) issue of American

Currents by Mette and Scharpf answered alot of questions regarding 

spawning of the Everglades Pygmy Sunfish.
The E P Sunfish is a vegetation spawner. It doesn't make a nest 

but the male does protect the eggs. I also observed the sidling threat 

and wiggle waggle display as described by Mette and Scharpf. One 

interesting thing not described by Mette and Scharpf that I observed  

was the appearence of a second male during the actual 

spawning. I was watching a pair of E P Sunfish going through the 

spawning ritual (male wiggle waggling and female following). The male 

led the female into a mass of Java Moss out popped the female from the 

moss, out popped the male and then to my and the other males surprise 

out popped a second male. The first male did a double take 

(really! ;-)) and chased the second male off. I think I've read about 

other male fish species doing a sneak fertilization of breeding pairs. 

I wouldn't be surprised if the E P Sunfish had similar behavior. 

Anybody observed anything similar?

Chris Darrow