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Re: Feeding the Sunnies

Absolutely not.  Everything in this world has a purpose, and some things 
have a purpose of becoming dinner to something else.  Even plants 
decompose rocks and minerals to absorb the nutrients they need. My 
blue-spotted sunfish just LOVE the daphnia I have been raising for them. 
Once they get a bit more trusting, I have cultures of fruit flies and 
grindal worms that are just dieing to be introduced to my sunnies. I 
will know my sunnies are ready for these extra treats by the little 
napkins around their necks.

Suggest that everyone with sunnies send in those orders to Mark Binkley 
NOW for a large quantity of those daphnia of his before they have a fall 
dieoff and become unavailable. Your fish will love you for the extra 
treats and Mark will love the rain of $10's and $20's. Daphnia can be 
maintained indoors by feeding them green water, infusoria culture or 
yeast.  Green water is the best and generates explosive growth and 
reproduction.  Apparently, daphnia prefer liquid salad and 
bacterial/infusoria soup (try ordering that in your local restaurant!).

BTW, daphnia and other live foods are excellent for getting almost any 
fish into spawning condition.  A variety of foods, flake, frozen, 
freeze-dried and live and are essential for vibrant health and vigor.

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>Hello all,
>  There has been a lot of threads going around on feeding sunfishes the
>last couple of days.  Let me share my experiment with you all:
>  I read that Central Longears like to feed on insects and 
>seeing that a local pet shop sells live 'feeder' glass shrimp, I 
>'why not?'.  I purchase about 2 dozen and took them home to see what 
>happen.   I dropped the little guys (felt sorry for them...but that's
>life) in the tank and waited.  This is a 70 gallon black plastic
>"Rubbermaid" stock tank that I have some fishes in...mostly Central
>Longear Sunfish.
>  Anyway, for a few minutes nothing happened.  Then a few tenative
>'picks'.   Suddenly it was a feeding frenzy!  Them little shrimps 
>have a chance!  I thought I might supplement the sunnies usual diet of
>frozen foods with a live treat every week or so.  Anyone know of any
>reason why this shouldn't be ok?

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