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Re: Wild Daphnia - marketing

Hi Mark,

	er, you don't want to expose the daphnia to air AT ALL if you intend to
keep them alive, as the air can get trapped between the small feeder
arms and they can soon starve, as they are filter feeders living off
bacteria and algae. Usually this is not a problem if they are not
completely exposed to the air, or the air is not in small bubbles that
get trapped.
	This means essentially don't dip any that you intend to collect for
future live food, just put a bucket or other container into the water
and scoop some up, then gently put water and all into another container.
The daphnia are to some extent phototrophic and will concentrate near
the light source when exposed to light after a few minutes in the dark
and can be concentrated in this manner for shipment. A cooler with the
lid on that has a bottom spout will serve the purpose of separating
while collecting.
	Try to get the air out of the bag for shipping, as otherwise you risk
air being broken up into the small bubbles that are a problem for these
type organisms.

Good luck :)


Mark Binkley wrote:
> I guess before we get too far into this, I should say that the conditions
> under which this daphnia bloom occured may be very fleeting.  I'm just
> hoping that they're still there when I get back from my weekend camping
> trip.  I at least want to freeze some more for my own use.  I will place
> some live in breathable bags too to see how they do in the frig.  Handling
> may be an issue, as they seem kind of delicate.  Dipping them out in such
> large quantities is probably pretty hard on them.