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Feeding the "kids"

Hello all,

  There has been a lot of threads going around on feeding sunfishes the
last couple of days.  Let me share my experiment with you all:

  I read that Central Longears like to feed on insects and crustacea...so,
seeing that a local pet shop sells live 'feeder' glass shrimp, I decided
'why not?'.  I purchase about 2 dozen and took them home to see what would
happen.   I dropped the little guys (felt sorry for them...but that's
life) in the tank and waited.  This is a 70 gallon black plastic
"Rubbermaid" stock tank that I have some fishes in...mostly Central
Longear Sunfish.

  Anyway, for a few minutes nothing happened.  Then a few tenative
'picks'.   Suddenly it was a feeding frenzy!  Them little shrimps didn't
have a chance!  I thought I might supplement the sunnies usual diet of
frozen foods with a live treat every week or so.  Anyone know of any
reason why this shouldn't be ok?