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Re: Enneacanthus species

I doubt that you are the only one confused by this, due to the 
similarities between the common names.  The Blackbanded Sunfish is E. 
chaetodon, which has 6 black bars on the side with pink to red and black 
on the pelvic fins.  The Banded Sunfish is E. obesus, which has dark 
bars on the side and rows of purple-gold spots on the side. Both species 
are found on the east coast, with the Banded found continuously from 
southern NH to northern FL.  The Blackbanded is found in three disjunct 
areas: NJ to Delaware, southeast VA to SC and south-central GA to 
central FL.  Also, the Bluespotted Sunfish, E. gloriosus, is found along 
the east coast from northern NJ to southeast Mississippi.

BTW, I believe there are articles on both species in the article section 
of the NFC web site. As is applicable to almost all natives, a good 
overview of the species, range maps and habitat descriptions are found 
in Peterson's Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes (about $16.95, 
available at most book stores).  If you haven't obtained a copy of this 
book, I would strongly suggest purchasing one as it has a wealth of 
information in a user-friendly format, with excellent illustrations.  
Nice to get a good thumbnail overview of various species that get 
discussed on the list and to be able to get a good idea of what they 
look like.

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>	(pardon my ignorance) What is the difference between Enneacanthus
>obesus and Enneacanthus chateadon species? I seem to run into both 
>for Blackbanded Sunfish. Are they old and new names for the same fish?
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