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Re: Wild Daphnia

Very interested ....I dont know why you couldnt ship it with a bit of ice
via priority mail >?

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:05:03 -0400 mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley)
>I collected about three pounds of daphnia yesterday (for those who may 
>know, daphnia is a tiny freshwater crustacean that is often cultured 
>as a
>live fish food).  I went for a hike along the Olentangy River 
>yesterday and
>noticed brownish clouds of something suspended in the water along the 
>This area is just upstream of a low dam.  Right now the flow is very 
>and there was practically no current along this section of the river 
>Another interesting feature of this area is that the bank here is 
>of shale and gravel that are washed down by a small tributary stream.  
>tributary has some flow, but the water dissappears into the "delta" 
>that an appropriate term?)  of shale and gravel and apparently seeps
>through into the river.  I could not ascertain whether there was 
>any outflow from the delta where the daphnia were observed.  Judging 
>the extent of the delta bank and the slight flow of the tributary, I 
>have to say that any outflow would be minimal.  Anyway, there were 
>clouds of daphnia all along the edge of the delta.  I could have 
>collected 20 lb of daphnia if I wanted to.  I just used a fine mesh
>aquarium net to dip out the bugs, let them drain, and then dumped them 
>a bucket of river water.  I collected about three pounds in about 10
>minutes.  I took them home, dipped them out again, and put them in the
>freezer in ziplok bags.  Free fish food!
>So does anyone know of any diseases that might be transmitted by wild
>collected daphnia?  If not, this seems like an excellent way to 
>live food for natives.  I have also observed thick congregations of 
>in a reservoir in a State Park west of here.
>Wonder if this stuff can be shipped frozen or live.  Anyone 
>Mark Binkley
>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>mbinkley at earthling_net
>Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him
>to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.

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